Muang Long Tourism Office
1 Day Trek     " Phou Pha Kham "


- Difficulty:              A little difficult and moderate.

- Duration of trek:     5 - 6 hours.

- High light: Natural such as: big tree, cliff and view of  Muang Long

                   Trail Description

Start from Muang Long Tourism Office at 9 am, walk pass 2 villages. Ban ChomCheng and Ban Luang Pha Kham. Luang Pha Kham village is Tai Leu, it was named by the government that

Ban Vat Tha Na Tham " Cultural Village ", then walk on the Monkey Bridge through the rice fields direct to Ban Lang Pha Mai " Akha  " to visit, to know about their culture and traditional. Spending time is about  1 hour. After that follow the dirt way pass the rubber trees and cassavas garden on 15 minutes. Then start walk up to the small valley of  Phou Pha Kham 2 sides of the valley will show the beautiful nature....... The first break is on the ridge. The most nicest nature is on the ridge, you will find some animals such as: monkey, antelope and etc... by quietly. Some of big trees are old a few hundred years old. The lunch is in the  forest " A Lao - Style picnic ".

Last 1 hour the way you back you will visit the Tai Leu Village  " Buddhist People " . Arrive in the late in the afternoon at about 4 pm.

The Tuk - Tuk will pick up you back to Muang Long District.